Berlin to London Tour Package


Berlin to London Tour Package

Berlin is a capital city of Germany. Distance between Berlin and London is about 680 miles. And if you plan to travel from Berlin to London by train, bus or by flight you will be crossing 3 countries to reach London, which are Netherlands, Belgium and France. Flight frequency between London to Berlin and Berlin to London is about 68 flights a week. This is quite an astonishing number of flights being held between these two destinations. The service from Schoenefeld Airport, Berlin and Stansted Airport, London is excellent and frequent. So it’s very much advisable to plan your journey accordingly and also to choose the most frequent flying airports to get flexible dates and times. Berlin to London flight air fares start from as low as € 120 Euros depending on how early you book your flights. The flight usually takes 4 hours from Berlin to reach London and 3 hours while coming back to Schoenefeld. The most frequent air travel service from Berlin to London is provided by Ryanair Airline. So we prefer you to travel from Ryanair. The other option is Easy Jet, but it is not that frequent as Ryanair is between these two destinations.

Berlin to London by Bus

Travelling by bus from Berlin to London can be really tiring for some, I shall say for everyone. Berlinlinienbus provides the bus service from Berlin to London. On an average the journey takes a whopping 17-18 hours to cover 680 miles on road. The coach travels via Braunschweig – Hannover – Bielefeld – Lille – Eurotunnel – London Victoria Coach Station. The service runs once every day. The Berlinlinienbus will cost you about € 200 Euros depending on how early you book and do the reservations. If you plan to take one way ticket from London to Berlin, you might as well buy the tickets from Eurolines from € 45 Euros onwards.

Berlin to London by Train

Travelling by train from Berlin to London can be very tedious as well compared to taking a Berlin to London flight. Travelling by Train again is not easy as you have to cross 4 countries to reach London. The average duration of the journey is about 11 hours. And up to 2 changes/transfers. From Berlin Hauptbahnhof or Berlin Central Train Station you can take a train to Mannheim Hbf Bahnhof and from there to Paris Gare du Nord and from there the final change to London via Eurostar. The cheapest fare possible will start from around € 330 Euros with the return journey. You can book your tickets from Bahn DB, Inter City Express, and From Eurostar for your journey.