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Bonham’s Classic Car Auction at RAF Museum


What a lovely day it was for us to go to the RAF Museum to see Bonham’s Classic Car auction for the general public before it was open for the real auction. We came to know about the auction from the newspaper and it was something new for us to discover and explore. Knowing we’d never been to the RAF Museum before, we gave it a shot and planned our day.

RAF Museum Map at entrance
RAF Museum Map at the entrance

How to reach the RAF Museum?

To plan our day we looked at the TFL website to help us plan our journey to the RAF Museum. Getting around in London is much easier with the help of the TFL website. We were living in east London so the first train we had to take from East Ham was either the District or the Hammersmith line, both trains go through Whitechapel. From there we had two options, if you are on the District line you can continue on it till Monument, hop off and from there you can get the Northern line which directly goes to the Colindale tube station. And if you are on the Hammersmith line, you can go till Moorgate and change from there for the Northern line going towards Edgware.

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echo alpha tango restaurant at raf museum
Echo Alpha Tango Restaurant at RAF museum

Once we reached Colindale tube station, it was a 150-meter walk to the RAF Museum. Surely if you have an internet-enabled smartphone or a 4G phone(requisite) you will easily find your way to the museum. Make sure you don’t get confused with Grahame Park and Grahame Park Way. It would help if you looked for Graham Parkway to reach the museum. Once you are there you will be excited to see the big warehouse-style place with a grey colour all over it on your right. Entry to the museum is free for all.

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raf museum parking space
RAF Museum parking space

raf museum entrance gate
RAF Museum entrance gate

Inside the RAF Museum

Ones you enter on the left-hand side of the Park you will see the Map telling you where you have entered from and what places you will see ahead. You will see fighter planes and rocket launchers in the parking area. Something which you will not see in any normal parking area in any town. Walking all the way you will see on your right the warships. In slight light, you will see Restaurant EAT which is amusingly named Echo E, Alpha A, and Tango T. Moving ahead you will see the Museum entrance next. Once you enter inside you will get to go around the war aircraft, engines, and some spectacular fighter jets.

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raf museum aircraft display
RAF Museum Aircraft display

RAF Museum Aircraft display

After crossing one hall you enter into another which looks even bigger from the inside and gives me a feeling that it will even have bigger aircraft and classic planes. I was right, there were some massive and great old aircraft showcased and there we started to see the classic cars lined up next to the aircraft. It was one spectacle watching the good old classic cars next to the fighter jets.

Cars from as far as 60 years old were showcased for the auction, the next day the auction was starting, and we were lucky ones you can say to see them before the hammer bade them adieu to the new owners. In my entire life, I have never seen such a fleet of beautiful classic cars. Classic Aston Martin, Austin Mini, Bentleys, Rolls Royce and many more were all there shiny and looking simply royal and breathtaking.

open sitting area in raf museum
Beautiful open Sitting Area in RAF Museum

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Please see the map below for planning your travel to the RAF Museum.