view of st paul's cathedral church from tate modern
view of st paul's cathedral church from tate modern

St. Paul’s Cathedral Church

St. Paul’s Cathedral Church History

St. Paul’s Cathedral Church was built by Christopher Wren between 1675 and 1711. It is one of the Europe’s biggest cathedrals and its dome is the second biggest after Rome’s St. Peter’s Basilica. This is not the first church to be built at the same place. Before this 4 churches were built and extended. They all were rebuilt and the last one was destroyed in the Great Fire of London.

View of St Paul's Cathedral ChurchView of St Paul’s Cathedral Church

Making of St. Paul’s Cathedral Church

The Dome of the church reaches a height of 111 meters and weights 66,000 tons. Eight solid carved arches support the colossal weight of the dome. On the top of the dome there is a lantern which weighs 850 tons. The church consists of three galleries namely the Whispering, Stone and the Golden Gallery. The Golden Gallery encircles the lantern’s base, from where you also exhibit the magnificent views of the city.

St Pauls Cathedral Church Front ViewSt Pauls Cathedral Church, Front View

St. Paul’s Cathedral as an important rendezvous place for people and ideas, it also had the opportunity to exhibit the royal marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer here in 1981.

St paul cathedral church londonSt Paul Cathedral Church, London

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