Tourist Information

Tourists, who come to London, must get the right information so that they enjoy their stay in this beautiful multicultural city. London has a lot to offer for tourist. So be prepared when you visit London, you will get tempted to stay bit longer. There are soo many places to see in London and most of all there are is easy to access information available on the internet and at the tourist places of London. website from transport for London gives you all the information of how to travel around London. Major public holidays in London are the Bank holidays which are eight in a year. Public holidays are Boxing Day, Christmas day and on New Year plus several over the Easter period.

Following is the Interactive Map which will help you find all the tourist information.

Emergency phone numbers are to be used when you or if you see anyone is being stuck or face with an issue or in need. The most common emergency phone numbers used in London are for Fire service, Medical service, and for the Police. For any emergency you can call on 112 and 999. The calls made to these numbers are free of charge and the call can be made by any UK landline or mobile phone numbers.

Tourist Information Centre, City of London
Tourist Information Centre, City of London

For up to date information on travel to London please click on the following image isued by Transport of London in public interest.

You can also Download the Transport for London Information Guide by clicking on this link.