Luton is officially the best airport in London


Luton is officially the best airport in London

In quite frankly shocking news, Luton has been named the best airport in London by a new study.

The study by The Original Tour, analysed open data from all six London airports along with data from the UK Civil Aviation Authority to find this result.

Each of the six main airports that service London were given a percentage rating based on flight delays, queueing times, travel fares and connection times – and Luton came out on top.

The study found that you can get to Luton in just 46 minutes from the city centre, compared to 30 minutes to get to Heathrow and 40 minutes to get to London City. It takes over an hour to get to both Gatwick and Stansted and London Southend takes the longest at 83 minutes.

Luton was found to be the overall winner due to it having the shortest average delay time (7.1 minutes), one of the shortest average queueing times (6.06 minutes) and one of the cheapest travel fares (£275.55 to North America).

Gatwick proved to have the shortest security queueing times at four minutes while you have to wait over 10 minutes on average in a security queue at Stansted.

London City was given the title of London’s worst airport after the data found that it is the most expensive airport to fly from, and has long security queueing times and a high chance of delays.

You can see the full ranking below:

  1. Luton
  2. Gatwick
  3. Stansted
  4. Heathrow
  5. London Southend
  6. London City

Luton is an often-overlooked London airport, but it might be time to consider it when booking your next flight.Check out our London tour packages here.




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