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London’s Breathtaking Fireworks Display Welcomed 2015 in Style


London Welcomed 2015 with a BANG! More than 15 tones of Fireworks displayed lighted up the skies of South Bank! Thousands of people gathered to exhibit the spectacle unfold. If you were not in London, I am sure you missed a lot in this year’s New Years’ Eve Celebration. London welcomed New Year 2015 in Style. For the first time in history, the New Year fireworks event was ticketed and to see the view of the London eye in the viewable distance was paid. Rumour has that the ticket prices started from 10 and upwards.

Thousands braved the cold weather – and a first year that required tickets to be purchased at £10 a pop – to experience the display, centred around the London Eye on the capital’s South Bank.

And although temperatures remained near freezing, as they have been for the last few days, the crowd were given plenty of entertainment to keep them distracted as 12,000 fireworks were set off during the 10-minute display.

Although it was the first time spectators had paid for the privilege of witnessing the display since the first of its kind in 2003, the limits on numbers – which saw just 100,000 people attend in 2014/15 compared with an estimated 500,000 in 2013/14 – appeared to mean more space for those in the centre of the city.

The British celebrations weren’t just restricted to those in the capital or the other large fireworks display witnessed in Edinburgh for Hogmany – the astronauts on the International Space Station also joined in.