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London Crowned Most Popular Travel Destination in the World 2014

Good News London fans. London overtook Paris as the most visited city in the world in 2014. It gives me great pleasure to write about it and inform all as confirmed on 16 Jan 2014 in the Evening Standard Newspaper and originally from the Office of National Statistics. Surely London has been a great and very welcoming tourist city in the world, and finally, it did get to the place where it belongs at the top. The credit goes to the London Olympics and summers in 2012-13 and this created an influx of tourists, estimated to be 4.9 million visitors from July. Sept 2013. The city enjoyed a 19% increase in the number of travellers as compared to 2012. This tourist influx broke the record of 4.7 million visitors to London in 2006 and broke all records by receiving the highest number of tourist visits than any other city in the world. This makes London a true city made for tourists and places to see which will make your tour to London a memorable one.

There were many reasons why London had a high number of tourists coming. The biggest of them all was the London Olympics and then the long summers, summer sports and many other attractions made the city house packed last summer. London overtook Paris to become the most visited city in the world by tourists. The best bit about visiting London is, that accommodates

well to all types of tourists and visitors. Whether you are a business holidaymaker, on a family tour, honeymoon tour, or visiting London with family, it is clear that London will surely give you great experiences and memories. So, what are your plans to visit London? Check out our  London Tours section to book your London tour package with us. Hope you are not looking for many reasons now as to why visiting London is such a joy.