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Delhi to London Air India flight experience 3rd Feb 2018


So finally, I am going from Delhi to London by Air India Flight on 3rd Feb 2018. Going to London again after Aug 2017 last year. This blog post is my experience of travelling from Delhi to London via Air India Flight. These are my honest views and experiences that I would like to share with you all the viewers and readers of the blog.

Planning and Booking Delhi to London Air India Flight

Last year I took an Emirates flight, it was awesome. This time I looked at booking flights via the MakeMyTrip website. Was looking for a cheap flight from Delhi to London this time, as was running low on budget, but as usual high on spirits. The plan was to get a morning flight from Delhi and arrive around the evening in London so that he could get his work done and come to pick me up at the airport. As per my criteria, I started looking and looked at no other website but MakeMyTrip, because I like this website, have travelled a lot locally within India and booked hotels and flights in the past. So finally I got a good deal and booked an Air India Flight.

Inside Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3
Inside Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3

Check-in and Boarding Experience

Checked in time, and boarded the Air India aircraft number AI – 111 from Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport Terminal 3. The flight took off like 20 minutes late. Sat in an Air India Flight after a very long time I would say after 2 years or so. The plane which I boarded this time was a Dreamliner Boeing 787-8. The flight started about 20 Mins late. That was all right really. I got my seat which was 16J and had no issues in boarding. All fine sat down. The flight was full and had a noisy crowd I would say.

Entertainment and Food On-Board

Opened up the Entertainment screen in front of me. And to my surprise, all the Hollywood movies were dated like I wasn’t more than a year old. I was disappointed by the fact that they had no new movies to offer. I already started comparing my experience with my last flight with Emirates. And then the snack time came. I generally drink red wine, or sparkling water while on the journey. So I asked for the usual red wine. And they didn’t have any. So they gave me the white whine instead. I was feeling utterly disappointed already by two experiences and was hoping the food would be good, as the last time when I flew with Air India, I remembered I had a good meal. Which was the reason I booked the flight with Air India again.

Main Course Meal in Air India AI-111 Flight
Main Course Meal in Air India AI-111 Flight

The food was average, I mean for the price just below this I was getting an Emirates flight, the only reason I didn’t book Emirates this time, was that it was not a direct flight and I wanted to reach London without any journey breaks. If I had known that the service and the standards would be so down in Air India this time, I wouldn’t have booked the flight with Air India in the first place. But there you go, this is the experience I had with them. And probably the last time I am going with them, Anyway, the tea time came and the shadiness continued, with cheap plastics replacing good quality stainless steel cutlery. They gave chocolate and a cheese-stuffed croissant, with cheap plastics all around.

Tea time in Air India AI-111
Tea time in Air India AI-111

Air India Delhi to London flight duration

It was a 9-hour and 40-minute flight, it was super boring and had no good movies to watch. Overall I had been disappointed with Air India’s International flight service from Delhi to London. I don’t think I am planning to fly with Air India any time shortly. Well if you are looking for a direct cheap flight from Delhi to London, where you are least bothered with infotainment available on the flight and don’t care about the service, not sure why you fly with Air India. There are better options in the market like British Airways, Jet Airways, and Virgin Atlantic.

Delhi to London on flight information screen, Air India AI-111
Delhi to London on the flight information screen, Air India AI-111

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Delhi to London Air India Flight A111


I travelled to London almost after 1 year. I always would go to online travel agent’s websites and book the cheapest flights(Indian thing:)). This time I took Delhi to London Air India flight A111. Travelling from Air India flights for quite a while, the reason being the cheapest flight to London was Air India and Jet Airways had been expensive. As far as I remember I had decent experience travelling with this airline in the past. The food has been good, the service was decent too in the past. This time it was slightly different, or I should rather say, I was not satisfied with the service I was offered and experienced on Air India Flight A111.

Last year I visited London in May-June 2013 and used Emirates Air Line. This time Air India flight was supposed to take off by 2.05 pm, but it took more than expected time to even get pulled out from the airport to the runway. we started moving at 2.45 pm.

Delhi to London Air India In-flight Service

Now comes the service inside the plane. I opted for a vegetarian menu this time (even though I am not a strict vegetarian) The food was average, the reason being, we were not offered any bread and only rice with one dal and vegetable dish is not what you will expect for a price you pay for the travel.

After Lunch meal service

After lunch, I asked for some tea and water service, but absolutely no one came back to me and I waited for more than 30 mins. Then I saw old people gathering around the kitchen area at the back of the plane, and I went there to see to my surprise that they all were taking off the juices and peanuts from the boxes, without any restrictions. I don’t know how to say this but all in all, I didn’t like the way the travellers were offered the drinks and the service was not up to the standards. There were no air hostesses interfering with what the other passengers doing by themselves in the pantry area.

Emirates on the other hand, with which I have travelled a lot is much better than Air India recently. The Air hostesses are much nicer, and the service is top-class. There is a long way for Air India to reach the benchmark 5-star airlines have set.

I personally cannot suggest that Air India is bad. All I am sharing above is what I saw in the aircraft while I was aboard. In case you have had a bad experience, I am more than happy to hear your views. You can either comment or directly reach out to us from the contact us page.

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