Delhi to London Air India Flight A111

Air India Flight A111

I have been travelling to London almost after 1 year. This time i took Delhi to London Air India flight A111. Using Air India flight after quite a while, reason being the cheapest flight to London was Air India and Jet Airways has been expensive. As far as i remember i had decent experience travelling with this air line in the past. The food has been good, the service was decent too in the past. This time it was slightly different, or i should rather say, i was not satisfied with the service i was offered and experience in the Air India Flight. Last year I visited London in May-June 2013 and used Emirates Air Line. This time Air India flight was suppose to take off by 2.05 pm, but it took more then expected time to even get pulled out from the air port to the run way. we started moving at 2.45 pm.

Now comes the service inside the plane. I opted for vegetable choice this time (even though i am not strict vegetarian) The food was so so, reason being, we were not offered any bread and only rice with one dal and vegetable dish is not what you will expect for price you pay for the travel. After lunch i asked for some tea and water service, absolutely no one came back to us, and waited for more then 30 mins. Then i saw old people gathering around the kitchen area at the back of the plane, and i then went there to see to my surprise that they all were taking off the juices and peanuts from the boxes, without any restrictions. I don’t know how to say this but all in all i didn’t liked the way the travellers were offered the drinks and the service was not unto the mark. Emirates on the other hand, with which i have travelled a lot is much better then Air India recently.

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