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London is favourite travel destination for Americans 2014

Yes, you heard it right, as per the survey done by The second pole position was taken by Paris and then Toronto, which to many is a surprise. Americans love visiting London for many reasons and most importantly they started liking historic places and the unique culture of London. Most visitors to London from America come from New York and California. New York brings the highest number of visitors to London. there are more than 20 flights are day from New York to London. London serves as a perfect destination for family trips. noticeable the Buckingham palace tours, the Stonehenge tours are the top most visited places by the American tourist when they visit London. The international cuisine, the music scene, live shows, theatre, sports, and historic sites, all make London a gem for all holiday types. As per visit Britain statistics, more than 55% of tourists from America visit museums and nearly 50% visit castles and religious buildings. These figures clearly show the inclination and importance of the cultural and heritage sites for a boost in tourism.

A noticeable survey done by Visit Britain highlighted that 46% of holiday visits are done with a spouse or partner, surprisingly 20% are being made without a companion, while 7% are with a group tour. Also, 73% of the study visitors are travelling on their own with the rest remainder typically travelling with adult friends. Also, it will noticeable to say that Americans are used to living in bigger rooms generally available in the Britain hotels and guest houses. American tourists tend to stay in bigger hotel rooms and they will spend extra and stay in a grand/heritage accommodation which helps them to get a real feel of the culture and traditions of the British.