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Excitement of going to London


The excitement of going to London

I will be going to London after almost 7 months and the sheer excitement of going to london is making me feel like on top of the world. I am really looking forward to travelling to this amazing and beautiful city. Every time I go there, I have these goosebumps which I get when i think of taking a flight, landing, places i will see again, food weather, culture and seeing my friends. It all adds up so nicely, from landing on Heathrow airport to going to relatives.

This time, I have booked my flights from Emirates. Direct flights were not an option, as my mother is staying there for some time, and I have to bring her back as she can’t travel alone and her return flight is booked from Emirates. I have travelled quite a lot many times via Emirates. The service is top notch the connecting flight is smooth and everything is on time. Flight no EK511 is a frequent flight en route from Delhi to London. The plane which takes travellers from New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport to Dubai International Airport is Boeing 777-300ER. The plane is nice and comfy, and the entertainment screen in front of your seat is pretty decent too. By the way, these are my impressions from my last flight from Delhi to London.

Looking forward to travelling again with Emirates. Please do share your experience while travelling with Emirates.


Miss you london

This might sound a bit too emotional of a grief. But it’s a fact that I miss London a lot. I have special memories going back 5 years, when I celebrated my Christmas and new year with my friends. I Miss you London and its a fact, knowing that this city is on the best cities to live in the world. The magic of Christmas, truly reflects on TV ads, shopping craze, hustling and bustling of people, running for last minute deals, holiday atmosphere in retail outlets as well as offices. I remember very well I did loads of unnecessary shopping and surely spent a bit more then what I was willing to spend. Well at the end of the day it’s the time of the year when people do love spending and buying gifts for their loved ones.

Attractions and places I miss in London

For instance, Hyde Park is an awesome hangout place for friends and family alike. You have rides for kids, nice warm mulled wines, yum nuts and crackers, cinnamon coffee and Christmas gifts all around this Winter Wonderland. The biggest attraction which I miss very much is the ice skating, I love fooling around and skate on ice. Ice skating brings all age group people together to enjoy the time skating. For some it’s just another day, but people who have understood the magic of Christmas, they will know that London has this charismatic feel when it comes to Christmas which cannot be compared to anything else in the world. The whole central London is shining and alive with Lights and people all around and literally shopping like anything. The traditional lighting of the oxford street, regent street, Piccadilly circus is truly a sign of good time and celebrations. The Christmas in London is like a melting pot of British culture.

Memory Lane

I studied in regents business school and I used to travel from east London i.e. from White chapel Road road 3 times a week to baker street. I remember very well I used to take the route number 205 bus and it used to take me through the city road, showing me St.Pancras renaissance hotel to British library and great Portland street. Sometimes I used to take the train when i was getting late for the classes. I used to avoid the trains as the trains were expensive as I was living with a limited budget in London. So, if you are living with a limited budget i suggest you to take the busses more and make sure you plan your travel properly, because road do get jammed on peak hours like any other metro city in the world. The best part of traveling around London was, that the trains and buses are well connected and you have organised travel system in London. Having an oyster card is a great boon for people who are a regular travellers like people who go to offices, study etc. I had the student oyster, i used to get 30% off on the normal ticket value of the trips. The trip cost from one zone to another differs depending on the traffic, crowd, importance. Example zone 1 tickets will be the most expensive ones then travellers from zone 2 to zone 3. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in London, and it was indeed a great city to live in. I personally liked traveling around the Big Ben, Westminster abbey, Trafalgar square, oxford street, and convent garden. If i ever go to London again, i am sure i will go to these places again. Have so many fond memories of these places. Also I love shopping in London.

If you have any fond memories of London, don’t hesitate to share/comment on this post. 🙂