The Mall Road
The Mall Road

Excitement of going to London

The excitement of going to London

I will be going to London after almost 7 months and the sheer excitement of going to london is making me feel like on top of the world. I am really looking forward to travelling to this amazing and beautiful city. Every time I go there, I have these goosebumps which I get when i think of taking a flight, landing, places i will see again, food weather, culture and seeing my friends. It all adds up so nicely, from landing on Heathrow airport to going to relatives.

This time, I have booked my flights from Emirates. Direct flights were not an option, as my mother is staying there for some time, and I have to bring her back as she can’t travel alone and her return flight is booked from Emirates. I have travelled quite a lot many times via Emirates. The service is top notch the connecting flight is smooth and everything is on time. Flight no EK511 is a frequent flight en route from Delhi to London. The plane which takes travellers from New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport to Dubai International Airport is Boeing 777-300ER. The plane is nice and comfy, and the entertainment screen in front of your seat is pretty decent too. By the way, these are my impressions from my last flight from Delhi to London.

Looking forward to travelling again with Emirates. Please do share your experience while travelling with Emirates.


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