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Sightseeing Tour of St Katherine’s Docks


Sightseeing Tour of St Katherine’s Docks

I have been to London quite many times. This time I visited St Katherine’s Docks by mistake and it was worth making this mistake. I planned to go around places where I have never been—essentially going off beaten tracks around London. Every tourist who comes to London surely goes to Tower Bridge to visit the bridge and the Tower of London. As I myself have been to Tower Bridge many times I decided to go around it instead going straight to it. Checking out the areas surrounding.

St Katherine Dockland london
St Katherine Dockland London

Random Discovery of St Katherine’s Docks

What I discovered to my surprise was when I walked towards the bridge, I took the left turn and came across St Katherine’s Dockland. It’s essentially a luxury Yacht Marina, with a leisure area around. It’s a nice walk of about 2 km in total from Tower Bridge to St Katherine’s Docks and back to the bridge. While walking beside the Thames river you will be routed towards St Katherine’s way. Then in front of you, you have this nice Marina view and lots of leisure yachts docked. On the right when you cross there is a nice Italian Restaurant named River Lounge.

St Katherine's Dock Luxury Yachts Marina
St Katherine’s Dock Luxury Yachts Marina

Restaurants and Pubs around St Katherine’s Dock

On a sunny day, tourists can enjoy a nice meal in the docklands area in a variety of restaurants and bars and then a nice riverside walk. I was literally impressed by the hidden treasures, like hideouts from the crowd kind of places. Katherine’s Docks even had Starbucks, Zizzi, Mala Indian Restaurant, Strada, Cote, and The Ivory Vaults to name a few of the mouth-watering restaurants in the area. Guess what they also had a Tesco Express (small stores) for your day-to-day grocery needs.

The Dickens Inn
The Dickens Inn

On your left-hand side while walking in St Katherine Dock you will see The Dickens Inn. The Dickens Inn is a restored pub and restaurant. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to go inside and have some lunch or drink, but I am sure next time I will come by and will surely enjoy a nice drink here. The building looked fabulous with nice flowers and atmosphere around. It was a treat looking at it, like a nice hidden relaxing place to chill. I would seriously recommend tourists to come and enjoy lunch and some relaxing time at St Katherine’s Dock when you are around the Tower Bridge area.

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