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Tallinn to London Travel Experience July 2022


Finally, I went to London in July 2022 after a good 2 years gap. This time I travelled from Tallinn to London. In this post, I will share my travel experience of what it’s like to travel from Tallinn to London.

Staying in Tallinn, Estonia for almost 3 months now. I definitely had to go to London. Knowing my Dad lives there, and I have not seen him for some time. We all decided that as the flights are open (Post Corona Virus Panedimic) from Estonia and from India both. We all can gather in London to celebrate my father’s birthday.

Tallinn to London Air Baltic Flight

Post-pandemic the flight cost has shot up and this was evident when we booked our Tallinn to London flights. We searched for our flights from Skyscanner. However, doing detailed research we found that if we book individual tickets from Tallinn (Lennart Meri) to London (Gatwick) one way and London to Tallinn one way. This way we can get the timing of the flight we want. This is not recommended approach however, we were able to save some money by doing this. Air Baltic flight from Tallinn to London for 2 people cost us €393 Euros. This one was not even direct, we first had to take a flight BT362 From Tallinn to Riga and then flight BT651 from Riga to London Gatwick.

The whole duration of the journey was 5 hours or so. Flight from Tallinn to Riga was for 50 mins and Riga to London was 3 hours or so. In total, if you are travelling from Tallinn to London the shortest time duration is 5 hours.

You can search for Air Baltic flights by clicking on the banner below:

Air Baltic
Air Baltic

I searched for the best deal for my Flight from Tallinn to London on Skyscanner. Check out the flights from Skyscanner below to get the best deals and offers:

London Gatwick Airport

Landed at the Third busiest airport in the UK. Gatwick airport and then I had to book a train to reach Central London. As we were hungry we took a quick bite from the Marks and Spencer Food store at the airport. I had my old University-time Oyster Card. However, for some reason, I was not able to top it up, even though I had GBP currency with me. Nevertheless, The fastest way to reach Central London that I figured out there was via the Gatwick Express. We bought a ticket one way from Gatwick Airport to London Victoria Station for £20 each. This was a little expensive but anyway, we had to buy one. The train came in at platform 2 and we hopped onto the train. There were about 2 stops before we reached Victoria Station, East Croydon and Clapham Junction.

London Victoria to East Ham Station

We reached London Victoria in about 30 mins. From there we continued our journey to East Ham. We took the district line towards Upton Park. This journey involved 19 stops. I mean this was the fastest we could travel to reach our destination at reasonable expenses. You may take a private cab but then they will be charging a lot more than a good old London tube.

You can plan your journey by visiting the TFL website, as there are a lot of disruptions due to construction and repair work done on the tube line.

Visa For London, UK

Thankfully I had a UK tourist visa before I moved to Estonia. I applied for a UK visa when I was in Delhi, India. As I have been a frequent traveller to the UK. I applied for a 5-year tourist visa from the New Delhi VFS Global Centre. In case you are Estonian and want to travel to the UK, You need not apply for a visa. Estonians can travel to the UK and stay up to 6 months without a visa. You also need to make sure that you meet the standard visitor eligibility requirements. To know more about the UK visa types and fees you can check out our Visa for London UK page.

Overall I had been missing London and finally got a chance to visit this beautiful city again. My Tallinn to London travel Experience had been good, and I will be travelling more frequently now. Knowing COVID-19 has taken more than 2 years of our life. Another reason being I have shifted to Tallinn, So Tallinn to London travel will be much more frequent than Delhi to London travel.

London Weather

However must say, summers here are getting unbearable. Climate change is playing havoc. All the underground trains are too old to cope with the heat. Especially the Central line does not have air conditioning. A lot is going to change in this big city. And the climate is going to play a pivotal role.