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London Tour Package

When we talk about Europe, two cities come to our mind London and Paris. We have heard so much about these two cities that we all dream about going to London and visit these beautiful places, eat at awesome restaurants, explore the palaces and museums. Here in this website we have tried to capture London from tourists lens and what they seek when coming to London.

London Tour Package provides complete travel information guide for your travel to London. Our website consists of top attractions and places to see, culture, accommodation options, bargain shopping, getting around, live music shows; stand up comedy locations, pubs, bars, nightlife and much more. We have also extensively written about ways people can travel to London from any part of the world, like from Paris to London, Dublin to London, Moscow to London tours to name a few. By browsing through our website you will get the complete know how of London and it's hidden treasures. And we have endeavoured to showcase attractive London tour packages and deals in our tours section. By which we are sure, you will not miss any part or any experiences of London.

About London

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, the largest metropolitan terrain of the country and among the most inhabited in the whole of Europe. It is also the world's most visited city. Whether it's for leisure, business, work or studies. London has been on the centre of the world. With its roots in mediaeval times, the city of London is the oldest Local Authority based in England. London posses something for everyone whether be the history, monuments, museums, royalty, British culture, food, lively environment and family hangouts.

London is a large diverse cultural centre, with people from diverse backgrounds present throughout the city and greater London. More than 300 nationalities contribute to the diversity and liveliness of London's cultural feel and environment and even the languages are varied in every part of London. It is a home to several famous museums, art galleries, theatres and cinemas which offer world class entertainment all week long, especially during the weekends. If you visit London and don't go to its museums, theatres, and palaces, and pubs you have not seen the real London. Also to get to know the culture of London going to public places like public transport, pub, bars, parks like Hyde Park, Regents Park can give you the real feel of the city and people living in London. So make sure to spend at least 2 weeks to get to know the city and experience its beauty.

London is gifted with places to see like Tower to London, St Paul's Cathedral Church, Westminster Abbey, Science Museum, St Margaret's Church, Big Ben, Cutty Sark to name a few. London has been a home to innovators in the field of art and music. London's a city of thinkers and imaginations. There's much more inside in the attractions section and Tours. Browse the website and get to know all what you should do and see when coming to London.


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