Delhi to London Jet Airways flight 0122 review


Travelling to London is always a joy. I have been to London more then any other destination abroad in my life. There are many reasons to it, firstly I did my masters from there back in 2006 and then worked there for couple of years and then going there for tourism purposes. There is something that attracts me to go there often. This time I went there on a business visit. And was looking for a change, I have travelled quite many times from Emirates and Air India. I have travelled with Jet Airways in the past only ones and this was my second time. Last time my experience with Jet Airways back in 2008 was kind of mixed, they had small entertainment screen and the cutlery was pretty good compared to Virgin Atlantic and Air India. So I booked my Delhi to London flights tickets with Jet Airways, mind you they are expensive then any Air India flight and Virgin Atlantic flight. So they must give a class service and the meals should be not only satisfactory in portion but in quality too. I know quantity and quality are quite a task to go hand in hand. But then they do charge premium even on the economy class tickets.

jet airways flight 0122 on board meal

Jet Airways Flight 0122 on board meal

I sat humbled and tired on my seat and I felt that the flight departure time will be delayed, and yes the flight moved almost half an hour late. I shall rather say this clearly that the meal in the flight was much better then the meal served in Air India. The airhostess was friendly and the entertainment system on board was satisfactory as compared to my last experience. I asked for low salt meal when I was checking in and this was well kept in mind when I was served. These are small things, which make huge difference when giving a nice customer experience. The best surprise was the mid night ice cream which they distributed to everyone. I simply loved having those yummy chocolate ice creams. Also another small thing worth mentioning, the only thing which I missed Jet Airways should taken care of was the USB Charging point. To my surprise there were no USB Charging points available neither near the screen nor around the seat. When I asked the airhostess she said me that they don’t have the USB points but they can give me universal plugs, which can be used to charge my iPhone under the seat.

I must tell you it was not convenient at all but then at least they are courteous enough to lend me the plug so that I could charge my phone. Jet Airways if you are reading this blog post, please in the future make sure you have the USB support available for the passengers.  Emirates supports USB and is having it next to each screen. The flight from Delhi to London took 9 hours and 15 mins. I would recommend people to fly with Jet Airways over Air India. Surely I have had enough of horrible service from them. Jet Airways is better airline then Air India. But then you also have 5 star airlines in Emirates who just outclass Jet Airways in all departments. Perhaps I shall right about my experience travelling with Emirates in my next blog post.

view of london city from jet airways flight 0122

View of London City from Jet Airways flight 0122




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