pindi chole channa lahore one london commerical road
Pindi Chole Channa Lahore One London Commercial Road

Lahore One Serves the best Pindi Chole Channa in Town

It may sound hard to believe. But Lahore One Serves the best Pindi Chole Channa in Town. If you are a food lover you are up for a treat. You have to check this place out for its delicious Pindi Chole Channa a chickpea dish made with Indian/Pakistani herbs and spices.

Are you a foodie? Trust me when it comes to good food, London has so many good places to visit. And if you like Asian food, especially Indian and Pakistani. Your taste buds will only savour the delicacies London City has to offer.

London Food Scene

London has a fabulous mix of cultures. And the London Food scene is a must-try for tourists and locals alike. Your name from roasts, pizzas, pasta, dumplings, curries, Paella, noodles etc. London has it all. There are more than 350 Michelin-starred restaurants in London. You have a wide variety of food choices to savour. If you are looking for the best of the best Michelin-star restaurants will have you covered while you are in London be it breakfast, lunch, tea time or dinner. London has more than 30 Indian cuisine Michelin star restaurants. As we are on the topic of talking Indian/Pakistani cuisine in London Lahore one may not be that posh or will have the greatest of the services. But what makes Lahore one at a commercial road stand out is the quality of the food and the famous Pindi Chole Channa.

Pindi Chole Channa and Lamb Kebabs
Pindi Chole Channa and Lamb Kebabs

Lahore One Restaurant

I have been to Lahore One Restaurant many times when I lived in London and whenever I visited London. Lahore One serves the best Pindi Chloe Channa and Methi Chicken in town without a shadow of a doubt. The dishes prepared by them have been unchanged ever since they started operating in London 37 years ago.

Lahore One is always the place I would surely go for lunch at least once when I am in London. The restaurant itself is not very big and not very fancy. All it offers is genuine good food. Not all dishes served are groundbreaking either. Sometimes the service may also be average. But all you have to consider is that the food made and served here is made with love and some dishes are worth more than what they ask for. Pindi Chole Channa can give Michelin-star Indian hotels there a run for their money. The best part is that the food prepared in Lahore One is not made with tonnes of spices it’s generous and made with a delicate combination of selected rich herbs and spices.

Lahore One Restaurant commercial Road London
Lahore One Restaurant Commercial Road London

Lahore One Restaurant Menu

The menu of Lahore One restaurant is pretty generous and focuses on Charcoal Tandoor dishes. They have various other good dishes as well like seek kebabs, lamb tikka, karahi chicken, and karahi gosht to name some of the mouth-watering dishes they make. They have delicious Indian kheer as well which is made of rice and milk.

To check the detailed Lahore One restaurant menu you check it here.

What makes Pindi Chole Channa so tasty?

The pindi Chole or Channa are made every day at Lahore one restaurant. Pindi Chole or Channa are made of Chickpeas cooked with Indian herbs and spices. And garnished with fresh ginger and coriander leaves. The Channa is cooked so well that when you bite on them they simply melt in your mouth. You must try them with Roti (Indian bread) or with Garlic Naan.

You can also have the pindi chole channa with chicken tikka or lamb tikka roll. Simply add delicious flavour to the rolls. Wanted to highlight that Pindi Chole channa is not for people who are cautious about ghee and butter. Because the Pindi Chole channa are almost fried in desi ghee butter to give that intense delicious flavour.

I would suggest you order Pindi Chole Channa with Roti/Garlic Naan and Methi Chicken Karahai. For starters, you can have lip-smacking lamb kebabs too. The combination of Pindi chole channa with mint raitha they serve with onion and lettuce salad is heavenly.

pindi chole channa lahore one london
Pindi Chole Channa Lahore One London
pindi chole channa chicken karahai pilau rice karahai gosht
Pindi Chole Channa, Chicken Karahai, Pilau Rice, Karahai Gosht

Lahore One Restaurant Location

Lahore One restaurant is located on the east side of London at Commerical Road. They have been in business for more than 37 years and going strong. Following are the Google map location and address details for you to contact and book your table.

Address: 218 Commercial Rd, London E1 2JT, United Kingdom


Phone number: +44 20 7791 0112

lahore one restaurant london
Lahore One Restaurant London

Final Words on the Lahore One Commerical Road

The place has been serving traditional Indian Pakistani food for decades. The food is good value for money and the people are warm and decent service. All in all, if you are around in East London, we suggest going to Lahore One for a quick bite and enjoying a delicious lunch of Pindi Chole Channa.

Restaurants in London you should visit

While we have shared our love for the Lahore Restaurant, there are many top-notch restaurants you would want to see before you leave this beautiful multi-cultured city. From Japanese to American, all types of delicious food and wines are available in this diverse city. There is a concentration of restaurants in some places, like Brick Lane for Asian basically Bengali cuisine, Covent Garden for British, Italian, and Thai food, Marble Arch, and Shaftsbury Avenue to name a few. Belgravia is also a famous place for British food.

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Restaurants in London you should visit
Restaurants in London you should visit
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