My Day out at ZSL London Zoo

Tiger in London Zoo|ZSL London zoo main gate|Statue of Guy the Gorilla in ZSL London Zoo|Meerkat in ZSL London zoo||Penguins in penguin beach london zoo
Tiger in London Zoo|ZSL London zoo main gate|Statue of Guy the Gorilla in ZSL London Zoo|Meerkat in ZSL London zoo||Penguins in penguin beach london zoo

ZSL London Zoo had been in my wish list to go for quite a long time. And finally this Friday I got the chance to book in and go and see myself some wildlife. I was excited when I came to know that I will be able to see Tigers, Lions, crocodiles and other deadly predators. I booked my tickets online from London Tour Package website which offers great packages for family and individuals, I was able to save time and book the tickets for two of us without much hassle. You can book your ZSL London Zoo tickets here: “Click Here

ZSL London zoo main gate
ZSL London zoo main gate

We reached ZSL London Zoo around 12 in the afternoon. I wanted to make sure that we don’t miss any of the sights and be there all day so that we see and cover all what ZSL London Zoo has to offer. Make sure you keep the ticket print outs ready, they wont allow you to enter if you have booked your tickets in advance and have not brought the printed out tickets. It was a sunny day we showed our ticket print outs and entered into the Zoo, without queuing up.  Generally ZSL London Zoo gets crowded and the queue get long, as went on Friday early afternoon we didn’t faced much of discomfort.

Statue of Guy the Gorilla in ZSL London Zoo
Statue of Guy the Gorilla in ZSL London Zoo

After entering inside we came across giant Gorilla made of copper. We came to know later that the statue was actually made on the name of “Guy the Gorilla” who moved to ZSL London Zoo in 1947. We moved on and saw the Aquarium and Reptile house on the right. We looked into the map, which we were provided at the entrance. At first instance we felt that we wont be able to see all the animals today, we decided to go with the big animals first, more exotic ones. The ones, which we have not seen in our lives, so the nearest one was the Gorilla Kingdom which went to see first. Seeing the gorilla for the first time, I was simply staggered how massive they are and so humble. When we came close to their enclosure, we saw them lazing and hanging with the branches, not bothered about the celebrity status they have got. School kids looking at them with sheer excitement. We watched the small monkeys too playing around.

Tiger Territory

And then in front of us awaited the Tiger Territory. We were super excited to see our first Sumatran Tiger. As far as I remember I never saw a tiger in my whole life, I ones saw a Lion in the Delhi Zoo that is my old memory. We went straight in and my god what we were about to see was something I have never felt and saw with my eyes. We saw tiger named JJ first and my god he was beautiful huge and unbelievably real walking in front of our eyes. We loved it so much that we spent around half an hour just to get closer glimpse of JJ. We then came to know from the keepers that there are 3 more young cubs of about year old each in the enclosure. We also got the chance to see tigers feed. And man it was a treat seeing these tigers.

Tiger in London Zoo
Tiger in London Zoo

We then moved on to Outback where we saw Ostrich and Kangaroos. By the time we reached there it got very windy so we spent few minutes and took some pictures and moved on to see some more exotic animals. We then arrived at the Reptile house, where we saw varied type of small to big lizards, venomous snakes. Viewing wildlife from my eyes in real was a great experience and was excited to look more and god we saw two tortoises at our exit. We came to know they were very old about 80 years old already. Tortoises can live up to 150 years old. It was a great sight to see some animals living longer than humans. We then moved on to bugs life, cattle farms and so many other wildlife creatures were there.

Meerkat in ZSL London zoo
Meerkat in ZSL London zoo

There were few noticeable animals, which just took my breath away Meerkats were one of them. After seeing the butterflies, the insects, owls, pigs, we went to see the Penguin beach. It was an amazing sight, we saw them playing on their own beach kind of themed area with a nice glass walled pool. We stayed there for a while and enjoyed and observed penguins.  Ahead we saw so many other animals and birds that names were completely new to us. This made us realised that they all are exotic and rare.

Penguins in penguin beach london zoo
Penguins in penguin beach London Zoo

We came to know that there are almost 1000 species being exhibited in the zoo and more then 20,000 Animals were living there. 982 species and 20185 animals to be exact. These are some biblical numbers and imagine we had so much to see in a day. Well while looking at the map provided to us we came to know they also have African themed park where they had Giraffes, Zebras. You have to cross the bridge either from near the entrance or next to the The Terrace Restaurant. As we were close to the Penguin beach we went through the bridge near to us next to Zoo Shop & Exit and The Terrace Restaurant.

reindeer at london zoo
Reindeer at London Zoo

We came across the Reindeer’s on the right hand side and then don’t even know these cuties name, oh yes the Giant River Otters they were playing around in a small transparent water pool. Essentially the area was called the Happy Families.

Nightlife and Rain Forest Life

Then we came across the Nightlife and Rain forest Life. We first went into the nightlife, it was a pitch black dark place. We came across all the wild life, which lives way deep in the water and unknown world. It was pretty freaky out there.

emperor tamarin rain forest zsl london zoo
Emperor Tamarin rain forest ZSL London Zoo

We moved on to the Rain forest Life. It was a completely different setup enclosure for all the wild life, which lives in rain forests of Pacific temperature, Amazon rain forests, and Congo rain forests to name a few. When we entered the enclosure was maintained like an actual rain forest. The water was drizzled all around the place with automatic system, like every 5 minutes or so. This was pretty impressive. We saw numerous types of monkeys and lizards lazing in their enclosures. We saw Costa Rica Capuchin Monkeys, Golden Lion Tamarin, Sloth, Emperor Tamarin, Brown Howler Monkey and squirrel monkey to name a few which we saw there.

Golden Lion Tamarin at Rain Forest ZSL London Zoo
Golden Lion Tamarin at Rain Forest ZSL London Zoo

African Wildlife

We then moved on to the Africa Area, surely we all know the biggest animals are found in Africa, and to our delight yes we saw 14 feet Giraffe, Zebras, Hippopotamus, Okapis. We were simply amazed by the height of Giraffes, we saw 3 of them and they all were looking very healthy and tall touching 6 meters or 20 feet’s, we spent some time there as it was about 4 pm and they were feeding giraffes with evening snacks. We then saw the Zebras and Okapis; they both were busy grazing here and there. Okapis is a unique animal though, having stripy legs like zebra and head like of a giraffe.

Giraffe in Africa area of ZSL London Zoo
Giraffe in Africa area of ZSL London Zoo

After seeing the African wildlife we moved on to the exit and to do that we had to go to the Happy Family theme park through under ground tunnel and on the left.

The Terrace Restaurant and Zoo Shop

Before we went out we had a snack and tea at The Terrace Restaurant and then looked around the Zoo Shop, they had pretty nice collection of stuff toys and stationary themed around wild life and ZSL London Zoo. All in all a fantastic trip of ZSL London Zoo, and we were very pleased. If planning your visit to London, I believe it’s a great place to hangout with kids and family. So don’t think much when you have read my blog article all the till now, m sure you are excited and want to book your ZSL London Zoo tickets soon. You can also book your tickets here: “Skip the line ZSL London Zoo Tickets“.

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