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View of Thames River and St Paul Cathedral Church from the Shard|The Shard Restaurant Entry on 32nd Floor|Grilled Diver Scallops
View of Thames River and St Paul Cathedral Church from the Shard|The Shard Restaurant Entry on 32nd Floor|Grilled Diver Scallops

Today I am writing about my Experience in “The Oblix” Restaurant situated at 32nd floor of The Shard” First of all wish you all a very Happy New Year. This is my second blog post of 2015. Hope all of you had a great start to the New Year. People, who celebrated their New Year in London, hope you had an awesome and memorable time. I am writing this blog pretty late, but never the less it’s always fun to write about my experiences while travelling to London and find the best packages available for travel to London for you all.

The Shard, London Bridge Street

Recently the shard has become a popular name with the London tourist. And I must say it stands for its reputation by a mile. I went to The Shard last October for lunch with one of my close friend. Travel in London, is as usual smooth and by underground trains the commute is much easy to any part of London. The nearest tube station to The Shard is London Bridge.

The Shard Restaurant Entry on 32nd Floor
The Shard Restaurant Entry on 32nd Floor

It was not a very cold day, but surely a dull one as usual weather in London can be spoiler sometimes. But this didn’t stop us to go to the shard for lunch that day. We went on 12th October 2014 and thankfully it was Sunday. Though tourist places in any city will get busy and crowded but luckily we got the tables.

Make sure if you plan to go for lunch in The Shard book your table in advance, as they accept visitors who have already booked the table. Well its always a good idea to book the table in advance so that you get the good birds eye view of the city and surely you wouldn’t want to sit next to a pillar, now would you? You have about 5-7 minutes walk from London Bridge station to the Shard. While you are walking towards The Shard, Thames River and Tower Bridge will be on your left. Ones you reach The Shard you will see two entry points. First you will come across The Shard Viewing Gallery by which you can go to the 72nd floor of The Shard. Essentially you will be at the top most floor of the building and solely for spectacular viewing of the London City. You can also book the “Skip the line: The view from the Shard direct entry ticket” if you wish to go straight to 72nd floor for the breathtaking view of the city.

Oblix at the Shard

As we booked our lunch  at Oblix at the Shard we went passed by the Viewing Gallery gate and took a left turn for the entry to the Restaurants on the 32nd Floor.

View of Tower Bridge from Oblix the Shard
View of Tower Bridge from Oblix the Shard

Ones you reach the 32nd floor you are welcomed at the Restaurant gates and asked for your name and table booked for. You can then drop your over coats/jackets at the cloakroom and are then escorted to your table. All this was very warm and welcoming experience for both of us and were delighted and staggered by the views which we saw from our eyes. We were lucky enough to get the table next to the glass wall and opposite St Paul’s Cathedral. The view form the Shard were mesmerising and were equally scary.

Food and Tasting Experience at the Oblix

After ogling over the view for 10 minutes or so the waiter came in and asked our order and we ordered what we felt we had the appetite for and was worth giving a try on. Sparkling water, bread loaf and butter came as a welcome starter. From the menu as a starter we ordered Grilled diver scallops, peanut, lime & tamarind cream(£ 16.50) and Burrata, olives & datterini tomatoes (£14.50). And a bottle a nice sparkling champagne. It was a perfect start to our lunch and it went on well. Our taste buds were teased and we then ordered the main course. In the main course I was craving some chicken so I went with the chicken meal and my friend went with the fish meal.

Grilled Diver Scallops, Peanut, Lime & Tamarind Cream - Starter
Grilled Diver Scallops, Peanut, Lime & Tamarind Cream – Starter
Burrata, Olives & datterini tomatoes - Starter
Burrata, Olives & Datterini tomatoes – Starter
Rotisserie chicken, skordalia & rosemary - Main Course Meal
Rotisserie chicken, Skordalia & rosemary – Main Course Meal
Bbq black cod & coriander salsa ? Main Course
BBQ Black cod & coriander salsa – Main Course

I must say our main course meals was delicious, we ordered Rotisserie Chicken, Skordalia & Rosemary £ 19.50 for myself and my friend ordered BBQ Black Cod & Coriander Salsa £ 31. We had a perfect day out lunch and was worth the visit. The views were staggering and on top of that the meal was incredibly delicious.

On the other side of the restaurant there was another good restaurant named Aqua, to which we didn’t, had a chance to go to. But I did sneaked in to get the glimpse on the other side of the shard. And my god the views were even better. On a sunny day and clear skies you can see people walking on the Tower Bridge and the view was the best I have come across on that day. I took some pictures and then I took off. So to conclude if you plan to see the Tower Bridge side go to Aqua and if you want to see the St Paul?s Cathedral side of London then go to Oblix. But this would be unfair not to talk or compare who serves better food between the two. For that comparison you will all have to wait till I go to the Aqua. Do let me know if you like what I write by leaving some comments on the articles. Ciao!

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