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London Crowned Most Popular Travel Destination in the World 2014

Good News London fans. London overtook Paris as the most visited city in the world in 2014. It gives me great pleasure to write about it and inform all as confirmed on 16 Jan 2014 in the Evening Standard Newspaper and originally from the Office of National Statistics. Surely London has been a great and very welcoming tourist city in the world, and finally, it did get to the place where it belongs at the top. The credit goes to the London Olympics and summers in 2012-13 and this created an influx of tourists, estimated to be 4.9 million visitors from July. Sept 2013. The city enjoyed a 19% increase in the number of travellers as compared to 2012. This tourist influx broke the record of 4.7 million visitors to London in 2006 and broke all records by receiving the highest number of tourist visits than any other city in the world. This makes London a true city made for tourists and places to see which will make your tour to London a memorable one.

There were many reasons why London had a high number of tourists coming. The biggest of them all was the London Olympics and then the long summers, summer sports and many other attractions made the city house packed last summer. London overtook Paris to become the most visited city in the world by tourists. The best bit about visiting London is, that accommodates

well to all types of tourists and visitors. Whether you are a business holidaymaker, on a family tour, honeymoon tour, or visiting London with family, it is clear that London will surely give you great experiences and memories. So, what are your plans to visit London? Check out our  London Tours section to book your London tour package with us. Hope you are not looking for many reasons now as to why visiting London is such a joy.

Christmas in London 2013


Christmas is a celebration which is to some extent celebrated in every part of the world. And it’s a celebration of lights, gifting, and having a nice comfy dinner with family on the Christmas eve. Celebrating Christmas in London is alone a memorable experience. The other thing which is very famous about celebrating Christmas in London is, that the shopping by locals and tourists is at full swing. You can find huge bargains in all shops and multi-story chains. People spend for gifting people and for themselves too, as the best time to do loads of shopping is this season, which starts from first week of November and lasts till first week of January.

Harrods the luxury department store famed for its iconic Christmas window display
Harrods the luxury department store famed for its iconic Christmas window display

The famous shopping areas of London are surely is central London also known as zone 1. Oxford street, Carnaby street, Regents street, Piccadilly circus, Tottenham court road. all these areas get full and packed with shoppers from all around the world. London is also know the best shopping destination of Europe. And there are famous chain stores from luxury brands like Burberry, French Connection, Apple, Banana Republic to name few.

 Oxford street is also known for its window shopping, Selfridges decorates its window most flamboyantly for Christmas. Oxford streets has shops for all types of goods and has something for everyone, from kids to old people. warm coffee at Starbucks, cafe Nero or hearty delight at winter wonderland at Hyde park. You will surely have great time celebrating Christmas in London. Not only this, but you can buy gifts for your friends and family at a reasonably priced offers running by many high street stores like John Lewis, BHS, Debenhams, Primark, Marks and Spencers etc.

Miss you london

This might sound a bit too emotional of a grief. But it’s a fact that I miss London a lot. I have special memories going back 5 years, when I celebrated my Christmas and new year with my friends. I Miss you London and its a fact, knowing that this city is on the best cities to live in the world. The magic of Christmas, truly reflects on TV ads, shopping craze, hustling and bustling of people, running for last minute deals, holiday atmosphere in retail outlets as well as offices. I remember very well I did loads of unnecessary shopping and surely spent a bit more then what I was willing to spend. Well at the end of the day it’s the time of the year when people do love spending and buying gifts for their loved ones.

Attractions and places I miss in London

For instance, Hyde Park is an awesome hangout place for friends and family alike. You have rides for kids, nice warm mulled wines, yum nuts and crackers, cinnamon coffee and Christmas gifts all around this Winter Wonderland. The biggest attraction which I miss very much is the ice skating, I love fooling around and skate on ice. Ice skating brings all age group people together to enjoy the time skating. For some it’s just another day, but people who have understood the magic of Christmas, they will know that London has this charismatic feel when it comes to Christmas which cannot be compared to anything else in the world. The whole central London is shining and alive with Lights and people all around and literally shopping like anything. The traditional lighting of the oxford street, regent street, Piccadilly circus is truly a sign of good time and celebrations. The Christmas in London is like a melting pot of British culture.

Memory Lane

I studied in regents business school and I used to travel from east London i.e. from White chapel Road road 3 times a week to baker street. I remember very well I used to take the route number 205 bus and it used to take me through the city road, showing me St.Pancras renaissance hotel to British library and great Portland street. Sometimes I used to take the train when i was getting late for the classes. I used to avoid the trains as the trains were expensive as I was living with a limited budget in London. So, if you are living with a limited budget i suggest you to take the busses more and make sure you plan your travel properly, because road do get jammed on peak hours like any other metro city in the world. The best part of traveling around London was, that the trains and buses are well connected and you have organised travel system in London. Having an oyster card is a great boon for people who are a regular travellers like people who go to offices, study etc. I had the student oyster, i used to get 30% off on the normal ticket value of the trips. The trip cost from one zone to another differs depending on the traffic, crowd, importance. Example zone 1 tickets will be the most expensive ones then travellers from zone 2 to zone 3. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in London, and it was indeed a great city to live in. I personally liked traveling around the Big Ben, Westminster abbey, Trafalgar square, oxford street, and convent garden. If i ever go to London again, i am sure i will go to these places again. Have so many fond memories of these places. Also I love shopping in London.

If you have any fond memories of London, don’t hesitate to share/comment on this post. 🙂

New Year Celebrations in London 2014


Winters in Europe are like sitting inside a freezer literally. I celebrated my 4 new years in London from 2006 to 2010. And all those years I enjoyed my time staying in London. I really enjoy shopping in London, there is a clear reason why the discounts you get on the high street and the sheer number of people who turn up for these discounts is staggering. New Year brings a lot of new opportunities and happiness to London. The year-end sale, the warmth of mulled wine, and the shopping fiesta all sum up a great New Year Celebration in London.

Harrods the luxury department store famed for its iconic Christmas window display
Harrods the luxury department store famed for its iconic Christmas window display

New Year Celebration is like ones in a year celebration, which is together with Christmas celebrated. The atmosphere changes all around when December arrives, huge shopping discounts all around, and retail business gets active for all-time high year-end sales. The decorations for Christmas and New Year are simply breathtaking around London.

New Year Celebrations 2014

The celebrations start with Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and then the whole of Oxford Street is lit with the old tradition of lights. On New Year’s eve, there are special arrangements around the city. Spectators from around the world line up to celebrate New Year near Trafalgar Square, Near London Eye, to see the Fireworks unfold in front of them. The number of people visiting this place on the 31st night is huge and everyone enjoys the midnight music, food, and firecrackers. This year 2013, the firecrackers were awesome, and I and my friends had a ball, as we got pretty close to the London Eye, and did get a chance to see the firecrackers. It was a great start to New Year 2014 watching firecrackers and being with friends and family. It’s ones in a lifetime spectacle to see the great colourful fireworks. Must see and visit for all London lovers.

London is favourite travel destination for Americans 2014

Yes, you heard it right, as per the survey done by hotels.com. The second pole position was taken by Paris and then Toronto, which to many is a surprise. Americans love visiting London for many reasons and most importantly they started liking historic places and the unique culture of London. Most visitors to London from America come from New York and California. New York brings the highest number of visitors to London. there are more than 20 flights are day from New York to London. London serves as a perfect destination for family trips. noticeable the Buckingham palace tours, the Stonehenge tours are the top most visited places by the American tourist when they visit London. The international cuisine, the music scene, live shows, theatre, sports, and historic sites, all make London a gem for all holiday types. As per visit Britain statistics, more than 55% of tourists from America visit museums and nearly 50% visit castles and religious buildings. These figures clearly show the inclination and importance of the cultural and heritage sites for a boost in tourism.

A noticeable survey done by Visit Britain highlighted that 46% of holiday visits are done with a spouse or partner, surprisingly 20% are being made without a companion, while 7% are with a group tour. Also, 73% of the study visitors are travelling on their own with the rest remainder typically travelling with adult friends. Also, it will noticeable to say that Americans are used to living in bigger rooms generally available in the Britain hotels and guest houses. American tourists tend to stay in bigger hotel rooms and they will spend extra and stay in a grand/heritage accommodation which helps them to get a real feel of the culture and traditions of the British.

Skyfall Train from London to Edinburgh


A train named Skyfall made a maiden voyage to Edinburgh on the 16th Feb 2013 afternoon in a lavish celebration of Britain’s highest-grossing film to date. The service, operated by East Coast, was the first in a series of journeys as the specially-branded train entered active service on the traditional Flying Scotsman route between Waverley and London’s King’s Cross station.

The Skyfall train prepares to leave for Edinburgh
The Skyfall train prepares to leave for Edinburgh

All 11 coaches had been wrapped in decorative artwork provided directly by Skyfall to celebrate the release of the 50th-anniversary movie on Blu-ray/DVD, which has also earned a staggering £708 million worldwide so far.

The Skyfall train Picture East Coast
The Skyfall train Picture East Coast

Passengers made the free journey on board the train on Saturday, mirroring Bond and Ms voyage to the north for the movie’s final act.

The Skyfall train, Picture East Coast

However, it is unlikely to be as glitzy as yesterday’s maiden voyage as Bond girl Bice Marlohe and Naomie Harris, who plays Eve Moneypenny in Skyfall, will both be on board.

Skyfall Martini cocktails were served by Erik Lorincz, who designed the cocktail for the film, while one carriage was given over to a dedicated Blu-ray screening lounge to watch the box-office mega-hit from the movie franchise.

Film critic Jon Melville predicted fans would leap at the chance to get a ticket on board the Skyfall train, with the move representing another potential tourism boon for the city of London.

He said: Skyfall, of course, has such a great Scottish connection with the filming that took place in the Highlands, so anything that we can do to get people travelling to Scotland is a great thing. If we’re talking about Scotland, we have such a strong connection to Bond because of Sean Connery and because Bond is half-Scottish. People will be able to soak up the atmosphere of Sean Connery’s city and then maybe head further north and see where they filmed Skyfall. (Scotsman.com)

Visit Scotland’s regional director Manuela Calchini said Scotland features heavily in the thrilling climax of the movie Skyfall, surely one of the greatest ever Bond films, and we support any tourism initiative that takes advantage of its outstanding success.

The Skyfall train picture East Coast
The Skyfall train picture East Coast

In future, the train will serve permanently all east coast customers. The train will also become an add-on to cities’ tourist spots.

About London

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, the largest metropolitan terrain of the country. London is among the most inhabited in the whole of Europe. It is also the world’s most visited city, whether it’s for leisure, business, work or studies. London has been on the centre stage of the world. With its roots in mediaeval times, the city of London is the oldest Local Authority based in England. The city has something for everyone whether of the historic significance, monuments, museums, royalty, British culture, food, music or the lively environment created by the people of London.

The metropolitan is a large diverse cultural centre, with people from different backgrounds present throughout the city and in Greater London. More than 300 nationalities contribute to the diversity and liveliness of London’s cultural feel and environment and even the languages are varied in every part of London. It is home to several famous museums, art galleries, theatres and cinemas which offer world-class entertainment all week long. Especially during the weekends people go out and enjoy the nightlife of London to the max. If you visit London and don’t go to its museums, theatres, palaces, and pubs you have not seen the real London. So make sure to spend at least 2 weeks getting to know and see this beautiful vibrant city. Come and visit London this July and enjoy the city with the Olympics in East London. Click Here

London Heritage Sites

London has four heritage sites:

  1. The Tower of London
  2. Kew Gardens
  3. The combined Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, and St Margaret’s Church; and also the historic settlement in Greenwich, where the Royal Observatory, Greenwich defines the Prime Meridian.
  4. Greenwich Mean Time.

Then there are sites as well which are:

  1. Buckingham Palace
  2. The London Eye
  3. Piccadilly Circus
  4. St Paul’s Cathedral
  5. Tower Bridge
  6. Trafalgar Square
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